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Postural imaging, a specific measurement tool for concrete results


November 28, 2019

In podiatry, imaging is used to determine whether or not the patient has proper posture.  Various postural problems come from a misalignment of the feet. That is why a podiatric biomechanical analysis is required in order to get a complete diagnosis.

Thanks to this analysis, the podiatrist may confirm if a failure resulting from an injury, a trauma, a sport activity or any other factor is responsible for modifying the posture and create pain.

It is a reliable, safe and highly precise tool.  Indeed, as it captures the reflection of light which is projected on the body, it does not emit radiation.  And as the imaging provides real-time data, it enables an instant view of the results.  The patient is then promptly informed if his body alignment causes a problem and, if so, the changes to adopt.

In addition to a medical treatment, your podiatrist can help you accelerate the healing process. Pain related to postural problems could soon be no more than a bad memory !

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