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To put an end to knee pain


October 3, 2019

Our knees are excessively stimulated throughout the day.  Unfortunately, we usually realize it once they hurt.  When inflammation, pain and discomfort occur, it is high time to act !

Several reasons are identified when a knee pain arises.  The iliotibial band syndrome, characterized by a pain on the outer part of the knee, mostly appears during a physical activity requiring repetitive movements.  It is common and never surprising among avid runners.

The pain associated to patellofemoral syndrome is located around or under the patella and occurs in a prolonged sitting position or when going down the stairs.  A patella which is too high or a knee alignment skewed by a foot drop are also part of the causes.

Thanks to a biomechanical evaluation, a postural imaging and a gait analysis, your podiatrist will be able to identify the cause of your pain.

Regardless of its origin, knee pain is excessively annoying and may even interfere with the most simple daily activities.  Consult your podiatrist without delay and regain your mobility completely.

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