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Plantar warts and dandelions !


June 8, 2017

The popular belief tends to express that as a dandelion, one must have to pull out the plantar wart to the root in order to get rid of it.  Is it the solution ?

Such as dandelions covering your lawn, plantar warts are contagious and they multiply not only on your feet, but can also spread to other family members when you’re walking barefoot.

Plantar warts are mostly contracted around pools and public showers.  So the summer season is the best time for their development.

The plantar wart is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) and develops in the superficial layer of the skin (it does not exceed the dermal/epidermal junction area).  In other words, plantar warts don’t take root !

For more information on how to treat plantar warts before they multiply, consult your podiatrist.  Isn’t it something to think about next time you will have a look at your lawn covered with dandelions ?

Have a nice summer !

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